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The Resident Trust Fund component of  Profitline® has been designed to provide accuracy and ease of use in the maintenance and reporting of personal fund accounts.  Within one master account, individual ledgers are maintained for both checking and savings.  Distributions, including interest, made to the master account are automatically made to individual ledgers.  Balance reports for savings, checking or individual ledgers, in summary or detail form may be produced at any time.

Does your Trust Accounting System do the following?
•  Accommodate multiple facilities
•  Fully automate deposit income and produce real-time receipts per transaction
•  Allow facility defined interest calculations
•  Maintain real-time validation and updating for all transactions
•  Provide a comprehensive reporting structure that contains over thirty pre-defined reports
•  Process all withdrawals and deposits with complete integrations between checking and savings accounts
•  Run in a stand-alone mode or in conjunction with Accounts Receivable
•  Provide pending reserved accounting capabilities that allows for Trust encumbrances while still calculating Interest
•  Provide on-demand residential ledgers by facility or individual resident

Is your system a state of the art…ODBC compliant, user friendly Windows application written in VB.Net…containing over 300 data elements with complete online help included?