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pro291.veriomysql.comThe Profitline® Resident Accounting system module offers specialized applications for key areas of residential health care facility information management. The system incorporates a complete set of on-line integrated accounting and resident information components which, working together, give your facility complete administrative and financial management control.

The Profitline® approach is to give you information essential to managing in today's residential health care environment.  Information is available on an up-to-the-minute and historical basis enabling you to report and analyze vital information in detail or summary form.

With the Profitline® system, you can increase office and administrative efficiency by automating routine tasks, reducing repetitive clerical work and eliminating errors.  The system accepts and retains essential information without redundancy in the entry of data, without the need for interfaces with unrelated systems, and without the cumbersome transfer of files from one system to another.

The Profitline® system's on-line resident database accepts and retains specific information and statistics on each resident including admissions data, demographics, and financial status.